2020をtwenty-twentyと読むとか、2005をtwo thousand fiveと読むのはわかるのだけど、2015あたりの読み方が人によって違ってわかりづらい。

今日話したチューターによると、2010まではtwo thousand tenで、2011からtwenty-elevenらしい。

by myself

I know 2020 is read ”twenty-twenty” and 2005 is read “two-thousand-five”. It’s common. But between 2010 and 2019, reading style is depending on the person. It’s confusing

My today’s tutor said, up to 2010 are read like “two thousand ten” and upper 2011 are read like “two thousand eleven”.

by DeepL

I understand how to read 2020 as twenty-twenty, or 2005 as two thousand five, but it’s hard to understand how to read 2015 because different people read it differently.
According to the tutor I talked to today, it’s two thousand ten until 2010, and twenty-eleven from 2011.



by myself

I have ever had a habit of running. And I could keep it up for three months or a half year or, sometimes about 1 year. but those are periodical. I felt it’s boring so that I’ve never done that in these 10 years.

Now I do bouldering, I’ve been keeping it up for more than ten years and I intend to keep up this habit for more decades.

by DeepL

I had made running a habit several times in the past, and it lasted for three months, six months, or even a year, but I got bored with it and haven’t done any running for the past ten years.
Right now, I am bouldering. This one has been going on for more than 10 years, and I hope to continue it for decades to come.



by myself

When I am asked about the most impressive building which I have ever seen in my life, Campanile di Giotto would occur to my mind.

The scenery from the top of the tower was so spectacular.
The impression might be boosted by feelings of exhaustion and accomplishment of climbing the very high tower.

by deepL

If you were to ask me what is the most impressive building I have ever seen, the Great Bell Tower of Giotto would come to mind.
The view from the top was truly amazing.
It was very difficult to climb up, though, so I think my impression was reinforced by the fatigue and sense of accomplishment.




by myself

I heard that there was an extinct species of human ancestor which has a habit of hibernating.

Hibernating of them was probably for surviving beyond the winter, but I guess there might be also another purpose of preventing infection of the virus.

Human immunity is weakened in the winter season and also easy to get an infection. Avoiding approaching other people completely by hibernating is good for preventing infection of the virus.

by deepL

I heard that there was a species of primitive humans that hibernated after their extinction.
The reason for hibernation is probably to overwinter, but I also thought that it might be effective in preventing viral infections during hibernation.
It is a very good way to prevent viral infections when it is cold and people’s immunity is weakened and there is no chance of contact with others.


by myself

I’m not good at dangerous physical works because I don’t have good physical power or continue concentration long time.
If I do that kind of works, I will definitely get seriously injured.
I’ve been avoiding those works all of my life, and in the future, I will do until the end of my life.

by deepL

I’ve always avoided heavy work that involves danger because I’m not physically strong enough and I can’t concentrate well. If I do that kind of work, I’m sure to get seriously injured. I will probably continue to avoid it for the rest of my life.


by myself

I often miss using the word “complaints” and “compliment” during English conversation lessons. Those meanings are absolutely opposite, so the mistake makes many misunderstandings in the following conversation.

by deepL

When I’m speaking English, I often make the mistake of saying complaints and compliment. Since the meanings are completely opposite, the conversation that follows is not engaging.


by myself

Basically, I think there are few points that should be changed in Japanese law, but I think the law about changing the last name when getting married should be changed. It should have an option to keep or change.

by deepL

I don’t have many opinions about Japanese law that I think should be changed, but I would like to see a change in the current law that forces married couples to use the same surname. I would like to see the current law forcing married couples to use the same surname.




by myself

I heard that a kitchen robot able to cook and clean has been developed.
It looks a kitchen with robot arms and AI rather than a robot.

The cleaning function is easy to become commonplace.
But the cooking function is difficult to be accepted and…



by myself

I read a news article about the system for making education common in developing countries.
Soler charged batteries are handed to the children.
The power chargers for those batteries are installed in schools.

Those children come to school for charging the batteries. …



by myself

I have high hope for self-driving cars because I’m not good at driving.
The traffic will be much safer than now if most cars are self-driving type one and they are communicating by the network.

And one more product I have high hope for is the sleep tracker.
I had an interest in it pretty recently, and I bought one right before.

by deepL

I am not very good at driving, so I have strong expectations for self-driving cars. I believe that if most of the cars in the world are self-driving and communicate with each other, it will be much safer than human driving.
Another thing that I have recently become very interested in and have high hopes for is sleep trackers. I just bought one of these.


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