Taiwan Extends Compulsory Military Service to One Year

6 min readDec 30, 2022


Russia’s attack on Ukraine has changed the contemporary view of war.


In recent decades, there has not been a war by a major power.


There have been U.S. attacks on terrorists, but there have been no major power bombings of civilians.


And civil resistance to the attacks of the major powers proved to be effective to some extent.


Until then, it was thought that citizens with some training were powerless against major power attacks, but it was revealed that a year or so of military training is effective even in modern warfare, and that the presence or absence of training for citizens is very important for the defense of a country.


In the visible category, North Korea seems to be the biggest threat, but in reality, North Korea does not have such a large capability and we do not consider it to be a decisive threat.


Rather, I feel that China and Russia, which seem to be planning territorial expansion under the radar, are the bigger threats because they have much larger forces and a strategic nature based on their long history.


China has indeed been involved in many conflicts near its borders and threatens the borders of other countries.


Two of my not-so-close acquaintances were enlisted in the Japanese Self-Defense Forces, but none of my close friends are in the military.


Currently, the Japanese government is trying to expand its military budget. Right now there is only discussion about the budget and the size of the military, but it is expected that in the near future the attitude toward military actions and the attitudes and actions of other countries toward military actions will also change.


Although the government has a good relationship with China on the economic front, the political and diplomatic relationship is not good.


The bad relationship continues against the backdrop of hostile relations during World War II. Chinese politicians continue to be critical of Japan, and an aggressive attitude seems to be the right behavior for Chinese politicians.


Currently, no significant military events are taking place due to the fact that it is winter time, and the situation seems to be superficially under control, but it will probably resume again in the spring time. And it will continue until the summer at the very least.


How long it will last after that is hard to imagine, but perhaps even more years.




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