Turkey Scraps Minimum Retirement Age

4 min readJan 5, 2023



I do not understand the concept of a minimum retirement age. Does it mean that one should not stop working until that age?


Does the minimum retirement age mean the age at which one can start receiving a pension?


It would be nice to retire early and receive a pension early, but the reality is that the situation is heading in the opposite direction.


With the number of elderly people increasing, it is expected that it will no longer be possible to maintain the current starting age for pension payments. The starting year for pension payments will be even later, and we are heading toward the opposite situation as in Turkey, where the minimum retirement age has been lowered.


It is not uncommon for people to work after retirement.


My father is a writer and although he retired more than 10 years ago, he still does occasional writing jobs.
He writes explanations of some public procedure for a free magazine put out by the local government, or writes introductions to facilities and stores. He also takes on some other work, such as helping with the company newsletter of an acquaintance’s company.


Next October, the tax deduction rules for sole proprietors will change. Until now, sole proprietors with low incomes have been exempt from paying sales tax on their sales to the government, but they will need to apply to continue receiving this exemption.


We have heard that many sole proprietors are having trouble with this complicated rule change.




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